Hey there! I'm Brooke, founder of Little Lemon Baby. Our company got its start when my husband and I had three kids in 24 months (yes, we're crazy). Our whole world was sippy cups and diapers and nap schedules. Still is, in fact. 


Little Lemon Baby was created primarily from the lack of a really good, soft, cute, functional sleep sack on the market. I'd try traditional swaddle blankets, only to find that my babies' arms would always break loose, or the blankets would be too small, or too rough, or involve an elaborate tucking and folding routine to swaddle my baby. I looked at one or two sleep sacks, but they were so poorly made, felt cheap, and had no convenient features - not to mention they were straight up ugly. ;)


And so I decided to create our signature sleep sacks. It took months of late nights and early mornings and frenzied work sessions any time my twins were napping (Diet Dr Pepper in hand, of course). Every single design detail was carefully planned, tested, and refined to solve all these swaddling issues, while being cute and trendy at the same time. 


I believe that when you're a new parent, sleep is the most valuable commodity in the world, and our sleep sacks help newborns and caregivers everywhere get a safe, cozy, secure night's rest.


So welcome to Little Lemon Baby! I am so glad you're here.


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