"My son can be so fussy, and as soon we we put him in the swaddle he calms down and crashes! We love using this swaddle!" Zale M
"I'm ready to switch out my piles of swaddles I fold every week for a few minimal Little Lemon Baby products! They work just as well or better and have such great functionality for diaper changes while still keeping baby warm and snug." Camille W
"My baby likes to be swaddled but doesn’t like his arms to be tightly restricted. This zipper swaddle is perfect for him! He no longer gets frustrated when he wakes up and can’t move his arms right away." Lisa W
"Penni loves her swaddle and mommy loves that she sleeps longer." Nicola N
"My baby loves to have her hands by her head. These swaddles allow her to have her hands up but still stay swaddled. She sleeps so much better!" Brittani E
"I gifted a swaddle to my sister for her new little girl. This is her sixth kid so she was pretty positive she already knew what baby products she would and wouldn't need. I just got a message from her saying, 'Sleep sack for the win! She likes her hands by her face but the sack keeps her from whacking herself. You win greatest aunt.'" Kylie M
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